Why You Should Hire a Fleet Accident Attorney

When a commercial vehicle accident occurs, it can lead to catastrophic injuries for the person involved. These injuries often cause significant financial and emotional strain for the victim and their loved ones. In order to recover the damages you are owed, it is important that you work with an experienced Fleet Accident Attorney.

Trucking companies have substantial resources at their disposal to fight claims by injured people who are seeking compensation. They have teams of attorneys, investigators and experts who are trained to protect the company’s interests after a crash. A personal injury lawyer can help you level the playing field and obtain full and fair compensation for your losses.

When you hire a fleet accident attorney, they will conduct an extensive investigation into your case. This includes returning to the accident scene, taking photos and speaking with eyewitnesses. They will also document the extent of your physical and financial losses. In addition, they will negotiate with the insurance companies to secure maximum compensation for your claims.

The right fleet accident attorney will stay up to date on developments in technology pertaining to commercial vehicles. They will also keep up to date on current legal issues in the industry. This can include laws governing telematics systems, driver assistance technologies and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. They will provide insight into how these advances can improve safety standards and reduce liability.

They will assist you with all aspects of your claim, from filing a police report to negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. They will answer any questions you have about the legal process and how it works in New York. They will also ensure that your medical bills are paid pending the resolution of your case.

Ultimately, your attorney will work to build a strong case and present it in a way that maximizes your chances of recovering the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to under New York law. They will fight for your rights when dealing with the insurance companies, and they will not be afraid to take your case all the way to trial if it is in your best interests.

An experienced fleet accident attorney will know how to spot any faulty evidence or questionable tactics used by the other party’s attorneys. They will be able to identify the potential for a products liability claim (whether the vehicle was properly designed and manufactured to withstand the force of the crash), claims based upon roadway design or maintenance, or other theories of recovery. Their goal is to get you the money that you need to rebuild your life and recover from your injuries. They will also make sure that your doctor’s recommendations are followed so you can achieve long-term improvement and function as well as possible.